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With the exception of pictures of my cross-stitch pieces and other artsy stuff, this journal is friends only. Comment if you would like to be added :)

Happy Birthday Sheila! I hope that it's fantastic!

Once this sem is over we're going to have to talk and catch up :)

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So, um, I totally just got accepted into the artifact conservation grad school program at UCL in London, England. *freaks the hell out*

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Does anyone know anywhere that explains how to make icons for dummies? Like for serious dummies. I really want to make some but I don't know where to begin, especially since I have Microsoft Digital Image Pro and not Photoshop. At this point I can pretty much crop a picture to 100x100, but that's all.

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My grandparents have been found and are safe!

That is all :)

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Here's my latest picture of my WIP. It's from about two weeks ago, so since then I have also finished the top right quarter's border. Hopefully when school gets out in two weeks I will be able to finish it up relatively quickly :)

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Ok last pic spam of the day. Since I didn't make it this year it didn't get to go in the last batch. I made it last year for my mom's bathroom as it's celestial themed, and framed it and gave it to her for her birthday. And yeah I rock at taking pictures *eye roll*, damn flash won't let me be.

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And currently I am working on Olde World Map and have been since Christmas, it's taking me forever. So, I think I am going to post pictures while I go so I don't get depressed and feel like I am actually getting stuff done on it. So here it is as of March 27:

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Oh, and I just got qsnaps (or the rip off brand anyway) a few weeks ago for this project, and they are freaking awesome! Quite possibly the best invention ever! (after vaccines, electricity and the PS2 of course :)

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